Posted by: eventgal | December 7, 2010

A passion for creating with paper, fabric and glue – Blushing Daisy Designs by Mel and Jenn

Scrap booking and card making is a very popular past time for many, it is also very addictive and you can get lost for hours creating your special projects which are not only pieces of art but a terrific way to archive your adventures in life. Many take this art form a step further and make incredible collages of families, friends, travel and life’s milestones or just getting subtle  and inspirational messages about life across by integrating it into an intriguing design in the way of albums, journals or canvas to be hung on the wall. I am swayed towards the collage or journal aspect and have been checking out Chapters for instructions and there are a few books available that give you some very inspiring techniques on doing a collage and altered art which you can easily incorporate into your card making and scrapbooking.   The great benefit of this is that it continues to inspire and keep your creative side alive and it can also be a very therapeutic activity when you need to just close yourself off from the craziness of life and just design something special – it increases your happy endorphins.

I especially love when you can take your passion for creating a step further and share it with others, whether it is selling your art or facilitating a workshop where you share your skills. Not only is this fun to do it is a way of networking, and sharing ideas for designs and getting feedback, etc. It’s learning that you don’t have to be able to  paint or draw, all that is  required is a desire, your imagination and a willingness to let go and think outside the box and just release yourself and allow yourself to be free to create.

My next artisan profile is about two industrious gals, Mel and Jen, who are the core of Blushing Daisy Designs – now they have a passion for crafting!  They love making handcrafted items to suit an assortment of needs – their beautifully handmade greeting cards, cute hair accessories to their spectacular baby diaper cakes and party favors…they do it all!

Blushing Daisy Designs have been busy little elves creating for the holiday gift season providing you with a great selection of original and unique greeting cards, including colour your own card packs for kids – just imagine how much fun they would have colouring in their own cards for their friends while encouraging their creativity.   They also have a lovely assortment of headbands that would please any of the little girls on your list.

They offer very affordable stocking stuffers that will sure to be treasured by those that receive them.

Blushing Daisy Designs twosome enjoys being able to encourage blossoming talents by offering various workshops and contests to get other crafters motivated. Crafting is such an amazing way to release yourself from the daily stresses of caring for a family and working.

Be sure to drop by Blushing Daisy Designs booth at the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair and see their amazing cards and accessories, take care of you stocking stuffers with original gifts and if you have a baby shower coming up be sure to ask them about their diaper cakes.

The Langley Artisan Christmas Fair is fast approaching right along with Christmas, so why not  finish up your gift shopping without the crazy crowds on Saturday, December 11 from 11am – 5pm @ 20701 Fraser Hwy., Langley – a relaxing and fun shopping experience while appreciating and supporting local artisans who appreciate you – see you at the fair.

For a full list of the artisan vendors attending the fair visit


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