Posted by: eventgal | December 6, 2010

The Creative Childhood – featured artisan J Lee Arts by Jennifer

Is childhood conducive to forming a creative life if you are provided encouragement at an early age to discover and experiment with many types of art? Who really knows the answer but for some it was this encouragement and discovery that continued to lead them down their path of creativity and earn a living at it. This could be said for the next artisan being profiled for the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair.

Jennifer of J Lee Art was born in Manila and at a very early age she was drawing and painting. At age 10 she moved from the Philippines to California and was privileged to have teachers who encouraged her creativity and her love of visual art while assisting her in the development of her skills.

Although Jennifer’s studies in university did not include art, she did continue to nurture her creative side by enrolling in various fine art classes developing a unique eye for balance and use of colour. The skills she developed have been very beneficial in her career as a graphic designer.

Jennifer is a multi-dimensional artist – being a self-taught painter, from a very early age, she finds painting very soothing. However, she also creates unique and original handmade yarn art in the form of delightful ‘Girly’ winter hats that any girl would love no matter what your age.

She does custom orders and has hats available in adult sizes as well. Jennifer’s imaginative designs do not stop there she also creates whimsical ‘Matty’s Monsters’ an array of fun monster like creatures that could easily become a favourite childhood friend.

 But that’s not all – she designs incredible surfboard art where each original design is hand painted on a fibre glass surfboard – and yes, all boards are ocean ready, or you can hang them on a wall or just use them as eye candy at the beach. Her surfboard art is available by commission.

Jennifer is a very talented artist who creates in number of mediums, yes there is even more than I have mentioned above – you really must take a few minutes and check out her website to truly appreciate the extent of her talent. Better still visit her at the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair on December 11 from 11 am – 5 pm, 20701 Fraser Hwy., Langley and take home a special one-of-a-kind ‘girly’ hat or a “Matty Monster’ for those special little people in your life.

To view a list of the artisan vendors participating in the Christmas Fair on December 11 visit


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