Posted by: eventgal | December 6, 2010

Inviting the Muse Back Into Your Life and Recapturing Your Creative Side – Featured Artisan Lisa Randell

Remember the days of childhood when art was a big part of your life – cutting, gluing, colouring red and  blue trees along with stick people families.  You used your imagination and created wonderful works of art – at least in yours and your parents’ eyes. Nothing was better than the pride you felt having your painting stuck on the fridge for all to see.   There is something so very special about children’s art  – it is so free and uninhibited. What seems to happen as we grow older is that we choose not to use our time to indulge in our imaginative and creative side and just have fun with our child within. Really, think about it, when was the last time you sat down and coloured or did something creative and fun?

There are some among us who have managed to hold onto their creative side, never letting go and they make art a part of their daily lives. Others somehow, stumble back onto their creative path  once again discovering joy in expressing themselves in their various chosen art forms. I must admit that over my lifetime I have stumbled along the path and have had what I would call many creative streaks, some longer than others.  I have immersed myself in various art mediums, in my early 20s there was the macramé phase where I created macramé bracelets and necklaces incorporating Moroccan beads I had brought back from Morocco and then selling them at a candle shop in Hepworth, Ontario.  How I came upon those beads is another story, and a wonderful memory – each bead was carefully selected. I have dabbled in stained glass, pottery, and then came creating and sewing home decor decorations, next dried flower wreaths and the list goes on.  My niece, who is another creative soul when the muse strikes her, says she admits to getting into and experiencing many different art forms, which makes her feel she knows a little about a lot  – and has become more knowledgeable about some more than others depending on where her creativity and interests have taken her – than sadly the interest in creating fades or life becomes just too busy. I feel the same way and am excited about my most recent creativity streak after a three-year drought – wire wrap jewellery which has resurfaced the muse within and is bringing me great amounts of pleasure.

 Today I am happy to be featuring  Lisa Randell, one of many talented artisans participating in the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair, she was fortunate to have found a way to return to her creative side allowing it to now be a constant in her life.

Lisa is a “creator” at heart – as a child she loved tape, glue, scissors and yarn.   She has been able to turn her childhood penchant into not one, but two much-loved crafts that she is able to share with others.  Lisa has been knitting for 20 years and continues to expand and grow her knowledge and experience and enjoys sharing this by teaching and introducing or re-introducing art to others.  However, yarn is not Lisa’s only love; she has another, for the past four years Lisa has been involved with paper and creating intricate handmade greeting cards and photo albums. 

 Lisa also does customized work, so here is an opportunity to have that special scrap-book album you really want to create but may be you just don’t have the inclination or the time to do it yourself – perhaps Lisa can help you out. Check in with Lisa at the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair on December 11 – she may be able to create and bring that long-awaited album to life for you. 

 You can check out Lisa’s great handmade cards, crochet baby hats, hair bands and blankets at the Christmas Fair on Saturday, December 11 from 11 am – 5 pm at 20701 Fraser Hwy., Langley.

 Just imagine having fun gift shopping in a warm and friendly atmosphere; no crowded malls; a great selection of unique one-of-a-kind quality handcrafted gifts, including individual attention from artisans while you select your gifts for those special people in your life while supporting local artisans who appreciate you appreciating their art….see you at the fair!  

To view the list of artisan vendors participating at the fair click on this link


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