Posted by: eventgal | November 29, 2010

Primitive Art and Needfuls – The Howling Hag

Primitive Christmas Bell

Today’s artisan profile for the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair  is featuring  ‘The Howling Hag – Primitive Dolls and Needfuls’.

Sandra of the Howling Hag creates beautiful and unique Primitive Folk Art. She has always had a passion for primitive things and needfuls.

So how can I best describe what primitive art and needfuls are? The best description that I could come up with is that it is a class of art that embodies a characteristic form or technique representing times gone by. Inspiration for primitive art comes from specializing in things Americana, country, vintage, colonial and prim, including primitive craft patterns.

The Howling Hag’s creations are not only beautiful and

Primitive Extreme Grungy Christmas Santa

original but have a definite whimsical theme that sets itself apart from others.

As a little girl Sandra loved to listen to the many interesting and funny tales her nanny would tell her about her childhood which she could easily visualize what life would be like back then. She is grateful that her nanny passed on a joy for sewing, which compliments so much of her lifestyle today, where she enjoys stitching away the day and designing. Sandra is blessed with getting to do everyday what she loves most – creating. Over the years she has taught many art and sewing courses sharing her love of art with others and making many new and dear friends. All of Sandra’s work is made without patterns using  just her imagination. All of original art work is signed and dated. She has also taken the time to create some patterns to share and you can purchase these on-line and try your hand at creating these delightful pieces of primitive art for yourself. To see more on the Howling Hag visit her site and be sure to drop by her display at the Langley Artisan Christmas Fair on December 11 @ 20701 Fraser Hwy. where you can purchase her  pieces for your gift giving or for your own enjoyment.


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