Posted by: eventgal | August 25, 2010

Social Networking as a marketing tool

I am relatively new to this big world of social networking, thank goodness I have a 20 something daughter who can show me some of the tricks.  I realize that the days of doing print marketing are slowly diminishing and I must learn how to utilize the web for marketing my event business.  It has taken a while just to figure out how the meta tags work so that the so called search robots will pick up my site.  Today my daughter reported that she was able to google and my site came up at the top of the list….wow that is an accomplishment going from nothing to the top of the list or at least it feels that way for me.  I have the twitter, linkedin, facebook  accounts which I am learning to send out tweets, etc. through hootsuite and trying to do it on a regular basis as I understand that I do need to make it a habit to tweet each day.  I want to ensure when I post notes that are of interest to others not ‘hey going for a coffee at Starbucks’, nor just to market my business, so I keep my eye open for interesting events coming up and post them which I hope helps those event planners out as well.  There is so much to learn….blogging is a challenge – coming up with thoughtful topics that might be of interest to others  – and  how do you know if the blog is actually out there where others will read it or am I  just recording my thoughts on-line for my own review at a later date? 

Anyone out there that can give me some useful tips that have worked for them I would love to hear from you.


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